Journeco pave the way in addressable media and your advertising execution.

We are a team of experts in addressable media, specialized in biddable advertising. We help you to create, distribute and analyze your digital marketing optimized towards any KPI. 

We would love to meet and tell you more about how we can help you accelerate and grow your business through addressable advertising. merges the worlds of advertising technology and human consumer behaviour to generate a data-driven media buying execution with people based insights.

We help brands and agencies to reach and engage their audiences through addressable media in various formats – from Digital Out of Home Screen to Connected TVs and Mobile ads. 



The product offering is built on four main blocks.



Production, Strategy & Execution


Addressable Advertising Cloud


Engaging & Social




Reach out



Become a Storyteller

We are constantly looking to expand our team of excellent storytellers! If you want to join the journey, to help brands to create the most meaningful, relevant, and sophisticated content in the industry, while remaining completely independent – we want to hear from you! At, you work as a freelander, at an hourly rate while growing a network of brands that suits your skills best. 

The process

1. Send application of interest
2. Screening and interview
3. Get a login and start writing stories 


Native Advertising

Unleash the potential of native advertising

Native Advertising is a form of advertising in the field of content marketing. It follows the natural look, form, function and feel of the user experience in which it is places. At, you can create and distribute Native Advertising easier and at a larger scale than ever before. This is done by mixing sophisticated programmatic technology with unique human creativity and world class journalism.